Curriculum vitae  

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I am an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada since 2012, currently serving as Vice Chairman of the PPOC Alberta Central Branch. I'm also a full juried member of the Alberta Society of Artists since 2013. I'm a co-founder of The IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta. And I'm a member of the editorial team of NatureScapes.Net.


About me  

Welcome to Vivid Aspect Photography! My name is Royce Howland, and I'm your host. I'm a photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, working professionally since 2008. I work with a variety of subjects and styles, but my specialty is fine art photography of landscape, architecture and travel subjects. I love to explore my home territory, from the Canadian Rockies and southern Alberta badlands to the wide open prairies. I also enjoy travel in other parts of the world such as Iceland, England and Crete, with a particular love of the American Southwest.

I was born in Oklahoma in the 1960's and have been growing up since that time -- slowly, I'm told. My family moved through a succession of places across three countries and two continents, arriving in the small town of Camrose, Alberta by the time I was 15 years old. I felt very much at home under the sun and big skies of Alberta, so I've made it my base ever since. Currently I live in Calgary with my supremely understanding and supportive wife, Deb.

After receiving my B.Sc. Honors degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, I began a career in the information technology industry that has spanned some 30 years so far. In the 1990's I moved mainly to consulting work, which opened up travel opportunities. I developed a new appreciation for interesting places in western North America and also rediscovered the natural world, an interest I had largely sidelined since childhood days. While I still actively consult for clients in the IT industry, several years ago I embarked on a second career in photography.

In addition to my direct photography work, I contribute photographs and articles to publications on the web and in print. Some of my publication credits include the Calgary Herald newspaper, and the magazines Outdoor Photography Canada, Photo Life, Audubon's American Birds, and Birder's World. My images have been used by several conservation organizations, and I have been interviewed by CBC television and other news organizations on various nature and photography stories.

I lead or co-lead several photography tours or workshops each year, and also do photography-related presentations. I've helped many photographers deal with issues around color management, to increase the consistency of image reproduction on screen or in print.

About my work  

I have a development-oriented approach to photography which often involves significant “digital darkroom” work. This also includes multi-frame techniques such as panoramic image stitching, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and depth-of-field stacking. I view photography as an end-to-end creative process in which the artist takes deliberate control of making the final image. I make use of creative controls at every level -- in the camera, in the digital darkroom, and in choices for print-making.

While I enjoy and respect many other styles, whether overtly documentary or artistic, I do not view my work as primarily about “getting it right in the camera.” The camera is not “right”; it is just a tool, and I have many tools. The advent of digital image capture and processing has opened up a new realm of creative potential for photography -- an extension of the art rather than a replacement of it. The aim of my style is to remain true to the essence of the original scene, but also to creatively interpret the scene, subject and light to create a personal expression of what I saw, felt and experienced.

My photographs are available commercially for digital licensing, and also as prints. Details on these offerings are available through this web site. Or feel free to contact me directly with any enquiries.

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