Photo gear  

Outdoor Photo Gear is a one-stop-shop for all manner of photography equipment, tools and kit run by Chris Klapheke and his team. In addition to his long background in traditional and online retail and service, Chris is also a photographer and photo event organizer. This gives him personal exposure and other contacts to know what works for photographers.

Photographer sites & blogs  

Available Light Images is the site that showcases the work of my friend Alister Benn. Mixing equal parts entrepreneur, traveler, photographer, writer and perhaps philosopher, Alister wants to see in the available light (in the words of a lyric from a song by the Canadian band, Rush, a favorite of us both.) And that's just what he does.

David Clapp's site is where you can find an impressive and growing portfolio of work from another good friend. Based in Devon, UK, David has been an excellent compadre to travel with on joint shoots around Canada and the UK, providing laughs, insights and a keen eye behind the camera. There's never a dull minute, and his photos show it. is the web home of photographer and long-time technology industry insider E.J. Peiker. Combining technical discipline, an eye for natural compositions, and a love of travel, E.J. has amassed a strong collection of imagery and writings. He's also one of the very most helpful people I know.

Life and Learning Through the Lens is the blog of acclaimed Canadian photographer Darwin Wiggett, with whom I've been fortunate to spend time in the field. LLTL presents Darwin's photographic work, articles & reviews, comments on the industry, occasional work of other outstanding photographers, photo contests, and musings on "living life through the lens" -- all shot through with fun, down-to-earth personality. LLTL is among my regular stops on the web.

Sam's Rant is where lawyer-turned-writer/photographer Samantha Chrysanthou hangs her hat. You can read her "ramblings, rovings and soft rampages on a range of subjects" about photography, or look through her galleries of impressive photos. She also covers aspects of the business of photography, and has an impressively orange parka of which I am somewhat envious in winter.

Photo business sites & blogs  

Photo Attorney is a photography blog run by Carolyn E. Wright. A full-time attorney by profession, Carolyn is also an accomplished photographer. Her legal practice specializes in addressing the needs of photographers; on her blog, she posts about many relevant topics including contracts & licensing, photographer's rights and copyright law. It's a must-read if you are at all interested in the business of photography.

Locations & accommodations  

Aurum Lodge is a unique eco-tourism country inn and wilderness retreat run by Madeleine & Alan Ernst. Ideally placed in the heart of Alberta's David Thompson Country, the lodge offers year-round access to fantastic photographic opportunities. Comfortably homey and ecologically sustainably in many ways, the lodge is a great place from which to visit the Canadian Rockies.

Photography sites is possibly the most comprehensive general site on the Internet for news and reviews related to the digital photography industry.

The Luminous Landscape is a perennial favorite. Veteran Canadian photographer and writer Michael Reichmann, along with varied contributors, has invested many years to make LL one of the most content-rich photography sites on the web. It covers topics in landscape and fine art photography, digital photography and print-making, and the techniques, equipment and materials that go along. The associated discussion forums and LL Video Journal series add an extra dimension.

NatureScapes.Net is the premier online resource for nature photographers. Managed by publisher Greg Downing and site co-founder E.J. Peiker with a host of contributors, the site has a wealth of offerings -- discussion forums, image sharing & critique forums, member portfolios, articles & editorials, online store, and more. Check it out!

The Online Photographer is the brainchild of Mike Johnston. It might be thought of as a photography blog, but really it's much more than that. Articles, reviews, insights, musings, references to photographers and their works, and the occasional "open mike" topic are served up almost daily by editor Johnston and an array of contributors. The comment threads on most postings are more active than many full-on discussion forums, and often are as interesting as the main entries themselves. Something new is posted almost every day. Coincidentally, I visit TOP almost every day.

Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights is a location for news, links to timely image galleries and stories, as well as some original reviews and reportage on the photography industry. A project of Calgary-based photographers Rob Galbraith and Mike Sturk, I have visited the site regularly for quite a few years. Things that catch the eye of these veteran photographers rarely fail to interest.